• di8IT art collective

    Digital-Tropical: Breathing the Waves

    15 NOV - 5 DEC 2021

    We are a group of people from various disciplines committed to exploring new and innovative ways to bring knowledge to a wider audience.

    di8IT is pronounced as digit (the ‘g’ is stylized as ‘8’ to represent the original number of members)

The Uncertain - A Collective Visual Creative Work in Fergana Art

Self – space – comfort.
Seeking solace.
Casting decent behaviours.
Assembling certainties out of uncertainties.

Humans navigate themselves within the everchanging reality and biological interaction to face the uncertain future. What was familiar has now become peculiar. What was comfortable is now a bane. In this artwork, we create a discussion piece within the theme of Recovery:Renewal (Pemulihan:Pembaharuan). We invite audience to reflect on how homes were supposed to be a haven and staying home was a public participation in road to recovery. Yet, it slowly bled uninvited enigmas.

Sheltering at home during pandemic was meant to facilitate comfort and to shield from outside dangers. However, as the cases soar and man-made rules vacillates, the very essence of comfort depletes. The empowerment propaganda became a silent killer to many. Burdened by their initial choices of crafting and appropriating happiness, it transforms into a double-edged sword where it became a prison of emotion during the pandemic.

We wanted to also present that the pandemic was a Pandora’s box. The disparity in living standards is made obvious by the pandemic. The haves can shelter in place in comfort whilst the have nots suffer. What was hidden (by choice or by force) has now come to light. The truth is ugly, and the quick fix is to deny its existence. Bitterly though, there are those who uses this to leverage themselves, using carefully concocted narrative as a weapon, in an apathetic way. Has the ugly human reared its head in this pandemic phenomenon? We hope to bring questions of ascertaining our position in this uncertain world, in this post-human era when the boundaries between digital and physical are blurring, when data and sense of presence are redefining the self.

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