• di8IT art collective

    IVIC'21 Art & Science Exhibition

    23 - 25  November 2021

    The 7th International Visual Informatics Conference 2021 (IVIC’21) is the leading conference in Visual Informatics. di8IT is honoured to be invited to exhibit our artwork “Pixdot-Com...On Surreal” for IVIC’21 Art & Science Exhibition.

    The conference was jointly organized by Institute of Informatics and Computing in Energy (IICE), Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN), and Malaysian Information Technology Society (MITS), in collaboration with a number of local and overseas universities.

Pixdot-Com...On Surreal

In this artwork, hundreds of thermal images of the male human body were taken at a 300-year-old traditional Malay house, called Istana Puteri Bongsu. The house is located at Taman Pantun, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. These images were feed into AI and then the AI created a new set of images used in this video art.

Pixelating a narrative in a digital world is a balancing virtue of art and science, divulging into scientific surrealism. Using thermal data as a subject matter, we employ surrealist automatism to emphasise that data should not be reduced to pixels of facts, but able to provoke sense-making.

Our artwork elicits the relationship of thermal data, comfort, and the tropical vernacular architecture. We postulate that data meaning is evoked when placed with other constructs. Yet if removed after, the data is unmuted. It has invaluable traits as new meaning was evoked, but only if acknowledged.

This work raises the question if technologies and overall ecosystem are amply designed to cater to emotional wellbeing. Evidence shows that urban landscape design at the equator resulted in overheating. To counter the effect, vegetations or cooling devices are used to create comfort, creating a balancing act among constructs for optimum state.

The thermal data serves as a mediator of how the sense of comfort is achieved. Democratic designing implores that playful exploration is warranted to execute an outcome. Scientific positivism and artistic interpretivism serves as the in-betweenness to appreciate evidence and ambiguity to achieve what is plausible and possible, corporeality and imaginary.

Download the full artist statement here (in PDF).